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Delve into Italy’s rich and vibrant culture, then set sail towards the pinnacle of romance - the Greek Islands. The 2017 Pro-Ma International Leadership Summit gives you the ultimate opportunity to see, taste, hear and experience a whole new world. For the very first time, Pro-Ma visits Europe’s top Mediterranean destinations!

When in Rome

Sip an espresso or two in one of Rome’s bustling cafes. Walk timeless cobbled alleyways, gelato in hand. Walk through thousands of years of history and culture exploring the ancient ruins of the Roman Empire, including the majestic Colosseum, once home to the ancient gladiatorial games. Your very first stop in Italy paves the way for an exciting adventure like never before.

All Aboard

Wake up to an amazing new horizon everyday onboard your luxury cruise liner. Your floating home away from home features world class stays, amenities and a spectacular spread of dining experiences. Your regal cruise creates the perfect atmosphere to connect, network and create lifelong friendships with other successful Distributors. Now soak up the sun on deck - this magnificent vessel will take you from port to port as you island hop through the Mediterranean.

Greece is the Word

Visit a cliff top cafe in Santorini for breathtaking views of whitewashed buildings against azure blue seas. Reward your senses with souvlaki grilling, homemade tzatziki and fresh, juicy olives. Come alive with exotic music, dance and festivities. Strolling the whitewashed villages by foot is the best way to discover all that Greece has to offer.

Let's get you there

Distributors please login for full details on qualification


To attend the 2017 International Leadership Summit in Europe you must first reach Director level in the Marketing & Profit Plan then earn enough travel credits to qualify for either one or two tickets. Qualification period starts from 1 June 2016 to 31 May 2017.

New Starting June 2016

Due to the rising costs of hotels, airfares, ground tours, travel insurance etc and to ensure that we continue to bring you the highest quality travel experience, with the best food and most luxurious accommodation, this year we have needed to increase the qualification threshold as follows:

Start Earning

  1. SALES - You are rewarded with Travel Credits every time you or your personally sponsored team make a product purchase for yourself or a customer.
  2. SPONSOR - Sign up a new Distributor to your team and when they advance from Sales Associate to Sales Manager in less than 90 days from the date of registration, you will earn 200 Bonus Travel Credits.
  3. MOVE UP - New distributors that move to the next level in the Marketing & Profit Plan will earn Bonus Travel Credits
    • Sales Associate to Sales Manager = 500 Bonus Travel Credits
    • Sales Manager to Sales Executive = 500 Bonus Travel Credits
    • Sales Executive to Director = 500 Bonus Travel Credits
  4. ACHIEVER'S REWARDS - Earn the following Qualifying Points in any calendar month to receive Bonus Travel Credits.
    • 360 Qualifying Points = 50 Bonus Travel Credits
    • 720 Qualifying Points = 100 Bonus Travel Credits
    • 1080 Qualifying Points = 150 Bonus Travel Credits
    • 1800 Qualifying Points = 200 Bonus Travel Credits
    • 2040 Qualifying Points = 250 Bonus Travel Credits
  5. EARNING EXAMPLES - We have created a download which shows you some examples of how easy it is to earn your Travel Credits. Download here.

*Qualification runs from 1 June 2016 to 31 May 2017. All Distributors are eligible to earn Bonus Travel Credits for the International Leadership Summit but to qualify to attend, you must be a Director. Bonus Travel Credits can be banked until Director position is reached. These do not flow up to the upline Director. You can check your Travel Credits anytime on the Pro-Ma Systems website.

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