Your Health Is Our Passion

We are passionate about helping you live the healthiest life possible...

We care about preventing sickness and disease.

We care about healthy ageing.

We care about being proudly Australian made and owned.

We care about offering the highest quality products with only the finest ingredients at wholesale prices.

Which is why we have created a simple wellness program to take care of your health...

Two easy ways for you to access the entire range of Optimum Health products at hugely discounted prices.

  1. Optimum Health Direct

    • Create a monthly ‘set & forget’ order.
    • Comes straight to your door with free delivery.
    • Free registration on NEW wholesale accounts.
    • Full access at wholesale prices to the entire Pro-Ma Systems product range
    • You can easily update or cancel your order at any time.
  2. or add to your order

    If you prefer and are a registered Pro-Ma Systems Distributor, you can add your choice of healthy living products to your order at these greatly discounted prices and normal freight charges apply.

Start by selecting your healthy living products...

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Registration fee included. $75 pack excludes OptiW8 Meal Replacement and Aloe Juice. $85 pack excludes OptiW8 Meal Replacement and Aloe Juice. Additional $20 supplements excludes OptiW8 Meal Replacement and Aloe Juice (these products can be added at your regular buying price and incur discounted freight charges). If your order exceeds 7 products ($75 pack) or 5 products ($85 pack) a flat freight charge of $5.00 is applied. If Aloe Juice 1Lt or OptiW8 is added, a flat freight charge of $5.00 applies, with additional Aloe Juice or OptiW8 at $1.50 / Bottle. Aloe Juice 2Lt flat freight charge of $6.00 with additional Aloe Juice at $2.50 / Bottle. Additional $20 supplements have 4 Move-Up & Qualifying Points, 4 Travel Credits and $10 BV. Prices exclude GST.

Australian owned and family operated

Proudly Australian owned & family operated since 1983

Pro-Ma Systems is proud to be a full member of the Direct Selling Association of Australia and is committed to the DSAA Code of Practice. The DSAA is an association of companies who sell products directly to consumers. It supports fair and proper trading practices and is dedicated to defending and promoting the independent status of Distributors within the industry.