• Non-Surgical Face Lift Kit

    Skin Type: All
    Instantly tightens and tones.


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    The Non-Surgical Face Lift Kit contains Firming Face Lift Powder, Aloe Face Lift Activator, Vital Skin Oils and Face Lift Brush

    Aloe Face Lift Activator and Firming Face Lift Powder


    • Reveals instant, dramatic results by giving a visible lift.
    • Exercises facial muscles while tightening and toning your skin.
    • Restores elasticity to your skin, giving it a visibly younger appearance.
    • Stimulates circulation and hydrates your skin.
    • Ingredients include: Organically grown aloe vera, herbal extracts of alfalfa, chickweed, chamomile, goldenseal, rose hip, comfrey, peppermint oil, elderflower and witch-hazel.

    Skin Types

    For all skin types.


    Firming Face Lift Powder 55g, Aloe Face Lift Activator 100mL

    Vital Skin Oils


    • Helps replace essential vitamins that can only be absorbed through the skin.
    • Stimulates skin elasticity.
    • Excellent for scarred and sensitive skin, dermatitis, eczema and cradle cap.
    • Water soluble and pH neutral.

    Skin Types

    For all skin types.



    Applying the Non-Surgical Face Lift

    Step 1. Cleanse your face and throat thoroughly, being careful to remove all residue of cleanser. Pat dry.

    Step 2. Apply Vital Skin Oils in a circle around your eyes and mouth to protect delicate skin tissue.

    Step 3. Mix 1 heaped teaspoon of Face Lift Powder to 1 heaped teaspoon of Face Lift Activator to a smooth, honey-like consistency.

    Step 4. Using the Face Lift Brush, apply to face and throat area in an upward motion. Use remaining mixture to brush onto your face in an outward and upward motion.

    Step 5. Relax. Lie down for 30 minutes and allow the Face Lift to work for you. It is important to not talk or laugh, as the setting process is critical.

    Step 6. Remove Face Lift with warm water and face cloth. Dry and apply a few drops of Vital Skin Oils to your face and throat.

    Customer reviews...

    after the first application, I surprisingly saw my face brighter, smoother, younger and more beautiful. The result that I never had with Estee Lauder which I had been using for more than 15 years. I knew I need Grace Cosmetics forever so I decided to join Pro-Ma Systems straight away so that I can share the wonderful benefit with other women.
    Elaine Nguyen

    Don't think that these fabulous products are only used by women. I am 65 and still use the skincare products before going out on a band gig. Keith Richards eat your heart out. Rod
    Rod Cronin Hopeland, Western Australia

    I have just started to use the face lift and I love the way it makes my skin feel, so smooth. Thanks Grace for a wonderful product.
    Sharon Minge Pooraka SA

    I just turned 40 in February and everyone told me that life begins at 40 ,yes I told them,the wrinkles begin at 40. Grace non-surgical face lift products allow me to get younger,firmer looking skin without needles or surgery in the comfort of my own home. I feel more confident already and hubby can't stop staring.
    Sophia Blake Melbourne

    The luminous appearance noted from a distance is a credit to this regime - fabulous results and often complimentary comments on the difference it makes.
    Lana Velevska Melbourne

    You just HAVE to try this on your feet after a hard day... brush it on, put your feet up, then wet the shower base and stand in it for a min, wash it off, then a small dose of Aloe Massage Lotion - pure bliss!
    Deanna Melb

    I have just become a distributor and trialed the face-lift myself. I was wondering how to sell this to younger girls (my target consumers) as they don't really need the "lift", but my pores were a lot clearer after using it. So that is how I will sell it.
    Jo Stanford South Australia

    There is nothing better than using this face lift, i love how my skin looks and feels, I do it every couple of day's.
    Angela Newcastle

    Finally! A product that turn back time... if your friends aren't asking you how you stay so young looking, then you aren't using the face lift!! Fabulous, fabulous product.
    Peggy Galbraith Airdire, AB

    Why do I love this product? It actually reversed the signs of ageing making me look 10 years younger than my actual age. My drivers license photos over the past 15 years are proof that it really does work! This is a must have product for every gender and age!!!
    Trish Demmers Kelowna, BC, Canada

    I absolutely love this product, I use it three times a week,it leaves your skin softer, more even and definitely softens lines
    Margaret Odelein Saskatchewan, Canada

    AMAZING, AMAZING, AMAZING! You will not find a better 100% natural Non-surgical face lift mask anywhere else. This mask gives results immediately! Give it a go!
    Jasmin Queensland

    I have been using Grace products on my skin since I signed on as a distributor at 19 years old. That was nearly 17 years ago. Every day, I get compliments from people about how young I look and how great my skin is. People do not believe that I am 36 years old, often mistaken for 23-25 and sometimes I am asked for ID when purchasing certain products that require you to be over 18 to buy. If you want to keep your self looking young, Grace Cosmetics are Simply THE BEST on the market.
    Geordie Springwood, Blue Mountains

    I have used my Face Lift products daily for the last 40+ years. My pictures at age 35 proves all the wrinkles I had from living in a dry, desert climate. Now at age 78 I have positive proof the lift eliminates the signs of aging. My casually taken photos show over the years improvement from year to year. Mostly these photos were taken for passport and other licencing occasions, and everyone knows its a one shot deal for these type of photos.
    Lucille Flint Utah - United State of America

    I am 28 years old and have been using this product since I was 18. Results are instant! It primes you skin fantastically and is perfect for use before putting on make-up. I don't use it for the 'face-lift' effect. I use it because it makes my skin smoother with less blemishes. Dark spots are less dark, redness is less red and my skin is actually brighter.
    Leah Melbourne, Australia

    I love the Non-Surgical Facelift. It deep cleans at the same time as firming, tightening and toning. I have not had black heads for years and my skin is very youthful for my age. It is like an exercise program for the skin and the muscles of the face. It makes your skin feel like a million dollars! I love sharing it.
    Vivian Valois Saskatoon

    Love this product. Been using this product for 25years. Instant results are seen. Skin feels firmer. Looks very youthful. Irons out wrinkles. I highly recommend the Non Surgical Face Lift.
    Sylvia Violi Liverpool, Sydney, NSW Australia

    Love this product. Been using this product for 25years. Instant results are seen. Skin feels firmer. Looks very youthful. Irons out wrinkles. I highly recommend the Non Surgical Face Lift.
    Sylvia Violi Liverpool, Sydney, NSW Australia

    As I've used Grace Cosmetics products for almost 9 years,I rarely get blemishes. However I've worked out that an odd pimple shows up, on goes this mask and there goes the pimple! I still use the mask weekly (or more) as even after all these years, I still am amazed at how it brightens and tightens my skin. I'll never go without this mask or my daily skin care products! I just turned 41, and some of my kids friends thought I was actually 31! I'll take that compliment thank you!
    Kate Gold Coast

    Been using it twice a week for 30 years - when I first joined Pro-Ma - in 1983 - three years after it was founded by Val! People - generally - think I'm in my 50's - 60's. Does get me into trouble sometimes! But - hey - at the age of 84+ - who cares?
    Pam Goldberg

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